Senile Dementia: Recognizing the Stages and Terminal Phase

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 It often manifests as restlessness, delusions of persecution, or apathy (significant lack of interest).

What Are the Initial Stages of Senile Dementia?

  • Onset of Language Disorders, Aphasia: Patients struggle to recall everyday language, including the names of their children. There is also a decrease in verbal fluency and vocabulary impoverishment.

  • Emergence of Motor Difficulties, Apraxia: This involves challenges with movements, dressing, and using utensils for eating.

  • Appearance of Orientation Problems, Agnosia: Visual issues and frequent confusion between images and objects are common.

  • Occurrence of Epileptic Seizures and Confusional Syndromes.

How to Recognize Senile Dementia in the Terminal Stage?

  • Increasingly severe symptoms result from neuron destruction, leading to complete and total impairment.

  • There is a noticeable decline in motor skills.

  • Food often leads to repeated instances of choking, increasing the risk of pulmonary infections.

  • Life expectancy at this stage is approximately seven years, on average.

At this point, placement in a medicalized nursing home is strongly recommended to ensure that elderly individuals with dementia receive appropriate care. This is essential for assistance with essential daily tasks and to ensure their safety.

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