Understanding the Possible Causes of Senile Dementia

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Senior Home Plus provides insights into the various possible causes of senile dementia, a condition that is both concerning and frightening.

The causes of senile dementia

What Is Dementia?

The term "dementia" encompasses numerous diseases that share a common feature: the loss of cognitive and intellectual abilities. Dementia, whether classic or senile, is suspected when there is a decline in memory, speech difficulties, and executive function impairment.

What Are the Causes of Senile Dementia?

Dementia is a dramatic condition, and the personality changes it brings about in patients are worrisome and frightening. Numerous studies have been conducted to better understand this disorder and identify various factors that might have triggered it, including:

  1. Advanced age

  2. Family history

  3. High cholesterol levels in the blood

  4. Diabetes

  5. Alcoholism

  6. Smoking

  7. Brain injuries

  8. Elevated blood pressure

  9. Thyroid function disorders

  10. Vitamin B12 deficiency

  11. Excessive medication use and side effects caused by certain medications.

Only certain cases of dementia can be treated, namely those in which the underlying cause can be addressed. When dementia is due to Alzheimer's disease, vascular issues, or a brain lesion, it unfortunately cannot be cured.

What Is Vascular Dementia?

Vascular dementia is caused by the occurrence of multiple strokes (cerebral vascular accidents or CVAs). Although these strokes may not immediately result in significant impairments, they do cause the death of some brain cells. The first cells typically affected are those in the brain region responsible for short-term memory. The occurrence of multiple additional strokes gradually exacerbates the impairments, leading to a substantial loss of mental capabilities.

In any case, it is evident that advancing age and, of course, heredity are the two factors most likely to lead to the development of dementia.

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