What assets are exempt from care home fees?

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In the United Kingdom, a substantial portion of individuals who require permanent residential care or nursing home placement receive financial assistance from their local council. The level of support provided by social services is contingent on the total value of an individual's assets. Essentially, the more assets are worth, the greater the individual's contribution towards their care expenses.

Key Points Regarding Asset Exemptions:

  • Inclusion of Your Home:

If you make a permanent move into a care home, the value of your home is typically included in the means test. However, there are exceptions, such as when your partner continues to reside in the home or, in some cases, when a relative remains in the property.

  • Asset Thresholds:

The thresholds for state-funded care differ among the UK's constituent countries. For instance, in England, the upper limit is set at £23,250. If your assets surpass this threshold during the means test, you will be responsible for covering all your care fees. This can be financially burdensome, prompting some individuals to consider asset reduction strategies to qualify for social care funding.


 It is crucial to understand that local councils conduct means tests to determine eligibility for financial support, taking into account the total value of assets, including the home in most cases. Different regions may have varying asset thresholds for state-funded care.

Careful financial planning is essential to ensure that individuals receive the necessary support while adhering to the relevant regulations. Consulting with professionals in the field can be invaluable in making informed decisions about long-term care financing.

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