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Senior Home Plus has been created in an attempt to provide assistance, free of charge, to families in search of appropriate accommodation for their parents. 


Right from the outset, our motto has been empathy and respect for our elders. This continues to epitomise everything we do. Anyone who puts their trust in us sees our commitment first-hand and appreciates and recognizes our different approach, day in, day out. And the appreciation shown by our customers, whether in the form of messages on social media, thank you letters, or calls to specific advisors, means such a lot to us. When you work with people, you must treat others as you yourself would want to be treated. Apart from the thousands of files handled by our advisors in dealing with urgent requests and providing information, our primary focus remains compassion and empathy. As far as I am concerned, this human element is a given. I approach clients as if I am talking to or about my own parents. Our teams are trained to understand that a vacancy isn’t just a tick-box, but a good place to live, where the resident in question can continue to enjoy a familiar lifestyle as much as possible with the added warmth of that personal touch.

Personal experience has also impacted my awareness of our particularly vulnerable members of society. The Ethiopian cause has been a focal point for me.  I set up educational catch-up systems for very poor children from Ethiopia. I then went on to join a group of high-level rescue workers intervening in natural disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, and etc.). Our work allowed us to save people in imminent danger.

We again had to support families in great difficulty, and this role is close to my heart – supporting, assisting, and reaching out to those in need.

In some ways, this particular role is similar to our vision here at Senior Home Plus. We are often contacted as a last resort to help make life easier for our senior citizens and their families.

José Boublil, President of Senior Home Plus


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