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Senior Home Plus is a leading provider of advice and guidance on care home in England. It provides assistance, free of charge, to elderly people who are considering moving to care home. Senior Home Plus has immediate access to all vacancies and services through its extensive database, and can therefore deliver a fast, efficient, all-round service to families.   


Senior Home Plus, the referral organisation for Care Home


Although living at home often becomes complicated or even impossible as we get older, the decision to move an elderly person into care-home is not always easy. Families need support to help make the right decisions as they move into their next stage in life. Senior Home Plus elderly care advisors are trained to give the best support possible. Choosing the right type of establishment can prove difficult. The Senior Home Plus team is on hand to guide families in the decision-making process based on set criteria and up-to-date information on care homes in England.


The role of Senior Home Plus


A caring, competent team

Our advisors are dedicated experts working closely with families in their quest to find residential homes, nursing homes, or extra care housing. SHP advisors attend regular training courses in order to deliver optimum support to families. Ever mindful of the need to deliver a quality service, the same advisor will accompany a family on their entire journey. Advice, a listening ear, and support are the key-words that sum up our service. Senior Home Plus works alongside colleagues in the healthcare and social sectors to provide support, free of charge, to elderly individuals in search of appropriate care homes.


Powerful tools

Thanks to its comprehensive, well-stocked database, Senior Home Plus advisers can find relevant vacancies, deal with all urgent requests, and guide families to the appropriate care home based on various criteria such as the degree of autonomy assessed according to needs ed assessment of the NHS, budget, geographical proximity, and individual requirements. When it comes to specific searches regarding Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, or related disorders, the Senior Home Plus elderly care advisors can direct relatives to the appropriate establishment and provide a personalized support.


The chosen facility must satisfy the needs of the individual

Residential homes, nursing homes, extra care homes, day-care centres, or short-stay centres meet specific needs and offer a wide range of services. Depending on the degree of independence defined by the needs assessment of the NHS in particular, the individual in question may require little care and would therefore be suited to a residential home. On the other hand, if medical assistance is required, a nursing home would be the ideal choice. For senior citizens who continue to enjoy their own independence, extra care homes would be the answer.


Assistance with budgeting

Senior Home Plus advisors receive ongoing specialist training on the financial assistance available to families and individuals to finance care homes. Together, they can draw up a budget based on the specific criteria involved in selecting the right type of accommodation.


Customized  services

Senior Home Plus provides families with a full support package plus the added human element. Advisors are on hand to listen and provide personalized follow-up as customers embark on an often difficult journey.


Senior Home Plus helps people find the right type of care home by providing experienced advisors, free of charge, to steer the decision-making process based on experience. The families’ wishes are always uppermost when it comes to the rigorous selection process involved for private retirement facilities, for example.

 From the very first meeting, the advisor listens and takes the families’ expectations into account in order to search for the most suitable facility.

 In complete confidence and after thorough investigation, the advisor recommends the facility offering the best options based on:

   - The health condition of the individual,

   - Budget,

   - Geographical preferences,

   - Start date,

   - Personal expectations.


We are here to help you choose a care home or facility best suited to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us on the following number: 0203 608 0055.

You can also contact us online.



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