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Choosing the most appropriate residential home, nursing home or extra care home for your elderly relative in England is based on several criteria. It obviously depends on the individual’s state of health, their level of independence, personal needs and the location of the said facility, not forgetting budgetary considerations. Senior Home Plus elderly care advisors will guide families and give personalised advice taking all of these crucial factors into account.  

Senior Home Plus advisors:

Senior Home Plus advisors utilize an extensive database to match individuals with suitable care homes. They consider factors such as vacancies, level of care, and quality of service to ensure the best possible match. With insights from residents, families, and healthcare professionals, they guide you through the selection process. 

Assessing care needs: 

 Consider the health and dependency level of the individual. Whether they are independent, dependent, or highly dependent, there's a care home tailored to their specific needs. Conditions like osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, or Alzheimer's require specialized care, which should be available at the chosen facility.

Nursing homes: 

Nursing homes provide round-the-clock care for dependent individuals. Dedicated care teams ensure residents receive the support they need, including social and therapeutic activities for mental well-being. The caregiver-to-resident ratio is crucial for quality care delivery.

Extra care homes:

Even independent individuals can benefit from extra care homes. These facilities offer assistance with daily activities while allowing residents to maintain their independence. Social gatherings and activities foster a sense of community, and residents enjoy private living quarters within a supportive environment.

Involving the resident: 

It's essential to consider the resident's preferences when choosing a care home. Whether they desire green spaces, pet-friendly policies, or specific amenities like a piano, their input is invaluable. Visiting potential homes together and bringing personal belongings can ease the transition process.

Psychological support:

Moving to a care home can be daunting, but reassurance is key. Addressing concerns about loss of freedom or separation from loved ones helps alleviate anxiety. Involving the resident in decision-making and visits promotes a positive transition experience. 

Room options:  

Care homes offer various room options, from single or double rooms to apartments. Residents should feel comfortable and at home in their living space, with opportunities to personalize their surroundings. 

Budget and location:  

Consider the budget and geographical location when selecting a care home. Senior Home Plus advisors can help assess financial aid eligibility and find facilities that meet budgetary constraints. Proximity to family and accessible transport links facilitate regular visits and family involvement.

Pet-friendly policies: 

For pet owners, finding a care home that allows pets is essential. Many homes accommodate pets, provided residents can care for them responsibly. Vaccination records and adherence to safety protocols ensure a safe environment for all residents.

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Finding the right care home is a significant decision, but with careful consideration and guidance from Senior Home Plus advisors, you can make an informed choice. Whether it's ensuring appropriate care, maintaining independence, or fostering a sense of community, the ideal care home is waiting to welcome you.

We are here to help you choose a care home or facility best suited to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us on the following number: 0230 608 0055.

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