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If you or a loved one are receiving benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in the UK and plan to go into a care home for one night or longer, it is essential to be aware of the reporting requirements.

What You Need to Know:

The DWP needs to be informed promptly about your stay in a care home or any hospital stays while receiving benefits. 

Reporting Your Stay:

  • Notification Requirement: It is crucial to notify the office that pays your benefits as soon as possible when you enter a care home or stay in a hospital while receiving benefits. This is important in the accuracy of your benefit payments.

  • Authorized Reporting: If you are unable to make the notification yourself, a friend or relative can contact the DWP for you. They will need to provide their name and contact details as well.

Information to Provide:

When reporting your stay in a care home or hospital to the DWP, you will need to provide specific details. 

  • Personal Information (Full name, Date of birth, National Insurance number, Partner's details)

  • Details of Your Stay in the Care Home (Name and address of the care home, Date of admission, Address where you lived before admission, How your stay is being funded, Name of your local authority or council)

  • Details of Hospital Stays

If you have stayed in multiple care homes, you will need to provide these details for each stay, including admission and departure dates. 

Reporting your stay in a care home or hospital to the Department for Work and Pensions is a necessary step to ensure the continued receipt of your benefits.

Timely and accurate reporting helps the DWP adjust your benefit payments as needed and ensures compliance with the relevant regulations. Be sure to gather the required information and notify the DWP promptly to avoid any interruptions in your benefit payments.

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