What happens if you can’t afford a care home?

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The prospect of moving into a care home in the United Kingdom can be a daunting one, especially when concerns about affordability come into play.

Options if you can't afford a care home

  • Local authority financial support:If affording a care home is challenging, local authorities provide financial assistance to eligible individuals. Contact your local authority to undergo a care needs assessment.

  • Financial assessment: A critical step in determining eligibility for financial aid. Your income, savings, investments, and property value are evaluated during this assessment.

  • Asset thresholds:If your assets exceed a certain limit, you may need to self-fund your care home placement.

  • Mixed funding: In certain cases, individuals may opt for mixed funding, contributing a portion of care fees while the local authority covers the remainder.

While care home costs in the UK can be significant, avenues for financial support exist. Conducting a thorough assessment of your financial situation and seeking guidance from local authorities and professionals can ensure necessary care while managing costs.

It's crucial to explore these options early on to make informed choices about care home placement.

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