Elderly Health: What About Trying Tai Chi?

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Elderly Health: What About Trying Tai Chi?
Elderly Health: What About Trying Tai Chi?

Did you know that Tai Chi is highly recommended for the elderly? While originally a martial art, Tai Chi is a Chinese energy-based gymnastics practice consisting of a series of continuous and circular movements. Its practice is particularly suitable for older individuals because the movements are slow and precise.

So, What Is Tai Chi?

First and foremost, it's a discipline aimed at improving flexibility and mastering breathing techniques. It helps strengthen the skeleton and muscles, enhances concentration, and promotes mental relaxation, among other benefits.

Research Confirms It: Tai Chi is Good for Elderly Health

Indeed, a recent study conducted in Hong Kong demonstrated that elderly individuals practicing Tai Chi for at least three years had better arterial dilation capacity and lower blood pressure compared to those who didn't practice this sport. In fact, this discipline is recommended in France as an exercise for cardiac rehabilitation.

Using Tai Chi to Combat Parkinson's

In addition to its numerous benefits, Tai Chi is also used therapeutically to treat Parkinson's disease patients. It significantly improves their quality of life. Parkinson's disease often causes uncontrollable tremors and muscle stiffness, making daily life very challenging for sufferers. The precision and concentration required in Tai Chi practice aid in retraining patients to control their movements. It's frequently offered in nursing homes. Tai Chi helps Parkinson's patients improve their balance, achieve better gait, and significantly reduce the number of falls. Furthermore, this discipline enhances concentration and leads to a genuine sense of serenity.

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