Granny knitters: A brilliant dea!

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Granny knitters: A brilliant dea!
Granny knitters: A brilliant dea!

A new concept that beautifully embodies the notion of intergenerational connection!

The Innovative Concept of Mamy Factory

The concept of the Mamy Factory website ( was launched in 2012, thanks to Stéphanie Léone and her stylist. Originally, the founder wanted to open an online store for children's clothing. As a savvy marketer, she decided to combine two major market trends: responsible or organic consumption and the increasing number of retirees, which goes hand in hand with longer life expectancy.

Granny knitters working from home or in care homes

Her stroke of genius was to hire granny knitters who would work for her company from the comfort of their homes or even care homes. The result: a collection of lovely children's clothing in pastel tones, knitted from natural materials. Today, the company employs over 40 granny workers aged 59 to 91 from all over France, and 1500 more are waiting to apply.

Realizing social and intergenerational bonds

With this concept, we move closer to the government's encouraged policy of better living and a new perspective on the elderly, who are still an integral part of society regardless of their age. Mamy Factory is a wonderful example of this, as grannies are delighted to work from home under the guidance of their "bosses" and supplement their small pensions with additional income. The work of these grannies is valued in the eyes of young mothers who see it as a valuable addition.

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