Americans are envisioning an alternative to nursing homes: Granny Pods

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Americans are envisioning an alternative to nursing homes: Granny Pods
Americans are envisioning an alternative to nursing homes: Granny Pods

When a dependent loved one refuses the idea of moving into a nursing home, the situation becomes very delicate for families who are unsure of what to do. Our American friends have come up with a rather unique solution: Granny Pods, which are medicalized mobile homes. These mobile homes can be placed in the family's garden and serve as the residence for the elderly individual. This "grandmother's capsule" is essentially a fully equipped small apartment designed for a dependent or disabled person, and it can be placed in the children's backyard. This way, they can keep a watchful eye on their elderly family member while they live independently.

An area of 80 square meters

These "Granny Pods" have been designed and equipped with the needs of people with reduced mobility in mind. This prefabricated small building includes a fully equipped and secure bedroom and bathroom. Additionally, the flooring is covered with a cushioning material to prevent falls, wall-mounted handrails are installed, the bed comes with a lift for assistance, and even the closets are designed to accommodate disabilities by lowering towards the floor. But that's not all! This marvel of American technology also comes with high-tech medical equipment. It includes all the necessary medical equipment for monitoring the occupant's health. Information such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate, etc., is directly transmitted to the family and the attending physician.

Robotics worthy of a luxury nursing home

This prefabricated unit is also equipped with a computer that reminds the elderly person to take their medications and, as a bonus, offers them movies, music, and games for entertainment. As for the price, please note that these homes cost around $85,000 without equipment and up to $125,000 with equipment. These are the prices of homes manufactured by the MEDCottages company. It's indeed an innovative idea worth considering, even though issues related to cost and obtaining construction permits need to be addressed beforehand. Traditional nursing homes, after all, remain the most cost-effective solution.

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