Senior-Student Shared Housing: Intergenerational Synergy for a Fulfilling Way of Life

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Senior-Student Shared Housing: Intergenerational Synergy for a Fulfilling Way of Life
Senior-Student Shared Housing: Intergenerational Synergy for a Fulfilling Way of Life

Seniors who no longer wish to live alone, students searching for affordable housing... In the context of intergenerational shared living, two generations transcend age barriers to cohabit. It's an original way of life that is increasingly appealing to both the young and the elderly in England. Let's take a closer look at this promising form of cooperative housing.

What is senior-student shared housing?

Intergenerational shared living involves bringing together, under one roof, a senior aged 60 and older and a student or young worker under 30. In exchange for a modest rent and/or minor services, a young person can have a room (of at least 9 square meters) in the home of an elderly person, who can be either a homeowner or a tenant. The young person may be asked to provide companionship to the senior and spend time with them, run errands, help with medication, etc. However, the young person does not assume the role of a home caregiver, and the services provided are defined based on their availability and abilities. The cohabitants share their daily lives with respect and benevolence, fostering a spirit of mutual aid and sharing.

Senior-student shared housing: Benefits and Bilateral Well-being

Intergenerational cohabitation offers numerous advantages for both seniors and students. The wisdom gained from life experience allows seniors to provide mentoring and comfort to students, while the latter bring freshness, energy, and new perspectives to the seniors. This cohabitation stimulates intergenerational exchange, promoting mutual understanding and the discovery of new cultures and ideas.

For an elderly person, cohabiting with a student allows them to:

  • Stay at home without being alone,

  • Enjoy reassuring daily company,

  • Engage in conversation and spend time with pleasant and friendly company,

  • Benefit from daily assistance and support,

  • Receive additional financial support when the student pays rent,

  • Provide reassurance to their loved ones through the presence of the student.

For students, this form of shared housing allows them to:

  • Find housing more easily,

  • Enjoy spacious, affordable housing, or even free accommodation,

  • Benefit from a calm and peaceful environment for better concentration, work, and rest,

  • Share their daily life with a kind, caring, and compassionate person while maintaining their independence.

Are you looking for senior cohabitation?

In addition to intergenerational cohabitation, seniors can also opt for senior cohabitation: a communal way of life where they share their daily lives with people of the same age and similar interests. If you wish to thrive in a warm and familial environment while preserving your independence and privacy, senior cohabitation is the right choice for you. To find the solution that best suits your needs and expectations, you can rely on the experts at Senior Home Plus!

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